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Nutritional Products


Zija International Products: Click the pic… This product was introduced to me by a childhood friend who knew nothing about health but I tried out the samples she sent and I’ve been hooked since.


Nutrigold Vitamin D3 5000 IU, 360 Mini Softgels (GMO-free, Preservative-free, Soy-free, USP Grade Natural Vitamin D in Organic Olive Oil)

(This was recommended to me by a formulator, its very inexpensive and has no additives in it, and  has increased my D levels)



         Wobenzym: Click  the pic  (This was a product recommended to be by a formulator,  this is a enzyme I take before eating he said it would help digest my food and burn fat instead of stealing enzymes from joints and muscles to digest food and burn fat)

Attend: Click  the pic…This I was told to take to help feed my brain extra nutrients to help speed the recovery process.  It is loaded with amino acids and vitamins that specifically cater to the brain.

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